Why I’m bullish on reading (non-fiction) Books – and why it’s not (only) about learning

Our Media Consumption has skyrocketed. We consume huge amounts of information every day. But are we getting smarter?
Not in general. But Why?

I don’t know.
Maybe It´s not only about the quantity of information we consume. It’s way more about the quality.
There is good media consumption. There is bad media consumption.
We have limited space for media consumption per day. So?

How can we reduce bad media consumption?

Let’s find out together
Reduce bad media consumption
what is bad media consumption?

That’s the mindless scrolling.

The mindless Netflix binging.

The endless news media refresh.

Yes. You heard me right. News media is bad!
News media overemphasis bad news. News media earns money with clicks not with facts. Bad news sell.
How many hours of TV do you put in weekly?
The average American watches 4 hours. That’s a half workday. everyday. crazy!
That’s passive. That’s not active. That’s not acting. That’s being acted on.

Whats the benefit of good media? why is it books?

Yeah. The book guy praising books. Sure. Easy. But…
Books stood the test of time

A lot of great books are around for a long time.

How many news articles have you revisited? How many old posts of your favorite Instagram influencer have you… yeah, you get the point.
Books condense knowledge

Breaking News. Shortform Content. Posts. All the result of short-term action.

Books? Take time. 2+ Years of research. Condensed into 200 pages. That’s an upgrade.
You get weeks of research in a week of reading. Sounds like a great transaction. The best thing? You set the pace. You make the rules.

Books help you reduce stress. Ever felt relaxed after watching the news?

Books help you gain knowledge.

Books increase focus and concentration. No „second screen“.

Seriously. Second screen? Please focus on one! Better substitute screen with written word.

Happy reading!

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